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Brief History

Cerisol was founded in 1912 and operated until 1945 dedicated to the production of miscellaneous electrical appliances.

During the following decades, as a Division of ElectroCerâmica, Cerisol focused its activity on the production and distribution of low, medium and high voltage insulators and cap and pin insulators, which were exclusively sold to the Portuguese Utility Industry.

Over the years Cerisol evolved significantly, and is now much more focused on the external markets (95% of sales), competing with larger players in a much broader range of products that include:
  • IEC Solid core Post insulators
  • Hollow insulators
  • Line insulators
  • Traction lines insulators.

A full description of our current main range of products is included in the “Products” folder in this web site.


Key figures

 The following key figures refer to December 31, 2016. An update will be made every year: 

  Turnover: 10.5 million € 
  Number of employees: 184
  Number of tons. processed: 4,398


Ownership and Management

 On July 2004, Cerisol was acquired by a new group of “independent” investors, for whom the insulator business is “The Core Business”. Until 2004, Cerisol was “only” a subsidiary of a Holding Co´s with diverse activities, only remotely related with the insulator business. This new context is the driving force behind a transformation program which encompasses:

  • Investing in Product and Process Innovation;
  • Focusing on quality and Level of service;
  • Investing in new equipment and competencies;
  • Partnering with a selected number of Key Clients.

The Company is managed by a small and focused Management Team, which includes some members of the new shareholder group. As a guiding principle, Cerisol is more interested in developing long lasting Partnership type of relationships with a few Key Clients, rather than being opportunistic and focused on the “Spot Market” and on short term results. In this context, the following are a few of our Sales and Service Policies:

  • We are interested in, and flexible enough to serve, both large and small order quantities;
  • We believe in “cooperative product development” with our clients and are therefore willing to work jointly to develop new insulator designs, which may reduce product costs and/or end user installation and maintenance costs.
  • We also believe in “cooperative market development” and can thus work with Forecasts, with our key clients, when planning occupancy of our production resources.