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Cerisol has implemented a Quality Environment many years ago and is certified to comply with ISO9001, for Product Development and Production of Porcelain insulators of high, medium e low voltage, since 1996.


Cerisol intends to be a key partner in the relationship with its customers and stakeholders, through the development of solutions adapted to the expectations, privileging the quality, the minimization of environmental impacts and the safety of all the elements involved.



Cerisol, through the guarantee of the quality and durability of its insulators, intends to be a reference in the National and International Markets where it operates, promoting the conditions of operation and level of service of the High Voltage networks in which the insulators it produces are integrated. such as the individual, collective and environmental security of its customers' value chain.



Commitment - listen to all stakeholders, their needs and expectations, providing a service aimed at their satisfaction, as well as for compliance with all legal, regulatory and other requirements applicable to the activity.

Quality - establish strategic objectives that enable the company to continuously improve the quality of its products and services

Efficiency - responding to customer needs with speed, quality and at lowest cost


The CERISOL Quality Policy

  • To satisfy the CLIENTS 'expectations with technically and qualitatively adequate products, at a fair price and within the contracted terms

  • With the collaboration of the SUPPLIERS, which are an integral part of the business

  • Developing levels of motivation and commitment of EMPLOYEES, within a culture of continuous improvement

  • Meeting the expectations of the SHAREHOLDERS regarding the profitability of the business, in a logic of sustainable development.

  • Meeting all requirements, and seeking to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.