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Porcelain Solid Core Post Insulators: IEC / ANSI

Cerisol offers the most comprehensive range of porcelain post insulators up to highest AC and DC system voltages with the most progressive technology, engineering, and lifetime.

Cerisol manufactures Porcelain Solid Core Post Insulators according to the highest standards and in fully accordance with the IEC 60273 (IEC insulators) and with the ANSI C29.9 (TR station post insulators). Insulators are manufactured and tested under strict production and quality control, in full accordance with IEC 60168 (IEC insulators) or ANSI C29.1 (TR station post insulators).

High quality minerals are used to create the Alumina Porcelain body for maximum reliability and highest strength. Cerisol insulators are manufactured according to the wet process and assemble with cast-iron fitting, delivering the strongest, most reliable, and sustainable solution to our most demanding customers.

Product Range

Porcelain post insulators:

IEC: Cerisol scope of supply range goes from C4-95 up to C12.5-2550, covering and exceeding all IEC 60273 range. Porcelain post insulators are designed according to IEC 60273 and tested in accordance with IEC 60168.

ANSI: Cerisol scope of supply range goes from TR205 (BIL=110kV) up to TR393 (BIL=1800kV). Station post insulators are designed according to ANSI C29.9 and tested in accordance with ANSI C29.1.

Additionally, all the rotating rods for the porcelain post insulator BIL level can be supplied or designed.

Special design insulators for special application with higher mechanical strength or other features are available on request.

Hollow insulators:

Cerisol manufactures high resistance porcelain hollow insulators with dimensions up to 440mm (internal diameter) and 2000mm (height). These insulators are designed and manufactured according to each customer specification.

Railway applications:

Cerisol has been a supplier of railway insulators for more than 70 years mostly for domestic railway company. Insulators are designed with very stringent safety criteria and reliability requirements.

Key features

Pollution levels: One of the key considerations in the insulator design. Our solutions are designed taking into consideration the basic pollution levels defined on the IEC 60815 standard mainly for Heavy and Very Heavy Pollution levels with specific creepage distance of 25mm/kV and 31mm/kV respectively. Insulators with higher specific creepage distances can be designed on request.

Insulation material: Insulator body is a key part of the insulator and is made from the highest quality aluminum oxide porcelain C120 or C130 according to IEC 60672-3 standard. Glazing provides a washable and dirt repellent surface in RAL8016 color (IEC insulators) and ANSI Grey 70 (ANSI insulator).

Fittings: Cerisol insulators are equipped with malleable cast iron fittings according to EN 1562 standard or spheroidal graphite cast iron fittings according to EN 1563 standard. All fittings are hot dip galvanized according to EN ISO 1461 standard with a minimum zinc weight of 600 g/m2 or 85 μm as average value. For insulators with more than one element, all the hardware needed to assembly the insulators columns are included (nuts and bolts). For shipping purposes threads holes are protected with a protective layer.

Cementing: Fittings are assembled to the porcelain body exclusively with the highest quality Portland cement.

Special Features

RTV coating:

RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) coated insulators are porcelain insulators with a silicone layer, applied to the insulator surface using a special spray coating technique. The silicone layer provides a hydrophobic surface limiting the negative effects of contamination and enhancing the electrical characteristics and low leakage currents in highly polluted areas.

Extreme environmental conditions with the air filled with contaminants like salt spray, cement dust, salt fog, industrial pollutants, agricultural fertilizers and even desert sand can affect the performance of high voltage insulators and lead to costly power interruptions.

Our RTV insulator coating is a one part hydrophobic, UV resistant coating. Its hydrophobic surface prevents water filming and encapsulates the pollution, avoiding the ability of the contaminant to combine with water to form an ionic solution.

The use of RTV coating can eliminate these problems and presents the following benefits:

  • Easy of cleaning the RTV surface with high pressure washing procedures.
  • Long term hydrophobicity
  • High resistance to electrical arcing and corona discharges
  • Resistance to atmospheric (UV resistant) and chemical degradation
  • Suppression of leakage current, discharges and pollution flashover
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly material


As an optional feature Cerisol offers the option of painted fittings according to the ISO 12944-7 standard. Cerisol painting plan is suitable for C4 – High environment (industrial areas with high humidity, salinity, and aggressive atmospheres) as defined according to ISO 12944-9 standard.


All Cerisol insulators are equipped with a standard package, meaning wooden crate for road or sea transport. All packages have phytosanitary treatment according to International Standard ISPM 15. Special packing solutions can be offered case by case.


Cerisol performs, on all supplied insulators, all the requested Routine and Sample tests according to IEC 60168, IEC 62155, IEC 60383-1 or ANSI C29.1, depending on the insulator specification. We have a vast library of type tests (mechanical and electrical) performed in accredited laboratories. Our insulators are tested in cooperation with our customers and partners on external laboratories to develop / validate new insulator designs, confirm performance for the most demanding customers and applications and to continuously enhance our product portfolio.

Cerisol’s high-voltage porcelain pre-coated insulators bring many benefits to our customers, see how we partner with MidSun to bring you the best.


Services / Flexibility

Cerisol insulators are synonymous of quality and reliability. Continuous development is carried out in cooperation with our customers to design tailored solutions for every customer and different applications.

What Our Clients Have to Say...

“In the last 10 years, we have successfully installed and put into service a large variety and quantity of insulators (up to 500kV voltage level) from Cerisol that have met and exceeded our quality and level of service expectations.”

Vicent Maerens, Managing Director EGIC

“Our experience with Cerisol’s post insulators has been excellent.  And we can see how their service is adding value to our operations.”

Departamento de Compras de RED ELECTRICA de ESPAÑA (REE)

“Cerisol S.A. has been a credible supplier of porcelain insulators of ours since 2010 (medium and high voltage up to 400kV) and has always met our high corporate quality requirements again and again.”

ABB Bulgaria, Supply manager

“Cerisol has established itself as a reliable supplier of porcelain insulators (medium and high voltage up to 400kV) for us for over a decade. Cerisol continually meets our standards and are a pleasure to work with.”

Grid Solutions - Vernova, Site Sourcing Manager

“Cerisol has been supplying porcelain post insulators to our substation projects for several years, starting in 1997. They have consistently met our quality and service level standards with the products they have supplied over the years.”

FINGRID Oyj, Substation projects

“EFACEC has supplied disconnectors equipped with Cerisol post insulators (medium and high voltage up to 400 kV) in several projects for Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) for more than a decade. Cerisol has become one of our most dependable suppliers, consistently meeting or exceeding our standards for quality and service time and time again.”

EFACEC, Tendering Manager

“Cerisol has great expertise in the design and manufacturing of station post insulators, and they produce a high-quality product. CPG has been working with Cerisol since 2017 which has resulted in great commercial success. Cerisol’s excellent technical and quality support were instrumental in helping help us get our station post insulators approved at Hydro-Quebec from 25 to 800 kV.”

Alain Berthier, General Manager, CPG East

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