Research and Development

A key part of our Research & Development effort is focused on the development and continuous improvement of our Porcelain Bodies, either for improving its mechanical strength and its workability through the Wet Process.

Cerisol together with the of University of Aveiro, which is well known worldwide as a Center of Excellence in the Ceramic field, namely through its the associate laboratory CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials share knowledge and passion generating ideas and innovations that reflect in the final products quality and reliability.


Design Development

Cerisol is well equipped and has all the skills required to design all types of insulators conceived to a great variety of applications following IEC and ANSI international standards and customer specifications. The focus of our Design efforts are to:

  • Improve mechanical and electrical features
  • Improve insulation capacity to high levels of pollution through the evolution of shed profile
  • Improve the shed and core design to reduce weight
  • Reduce material use and reject rates


Traceability System

  • RASTROCER is one of the key tools developed in house used through all the insulators manufacturing process. It allows us to collect data and monitor each single insulator at each manufacturing stage, using bar coding devices.
  • The system is able to track the status and history of all the insulators that we manufactured. The collected data allow us to permanently control each manufacturing stage which in turn enables us to provide our customers with an updated information on order status.
  • Another use of this data is for product research and development and manufacturing process improvement.

What Our Clients Have to Say...

“In the last 10 years, we have successfully installed and put into service a large variety and quantity of insulators (up to 500kV voltage level) from Cerisol that have met and exceeded our quality and level of service expectations.”

Vicent Maerens, Managing Director EGIC

“Our experience with Cerisol’s post insulators has been excellent.  And we can see how their service is adding value to our operations.”

Departamento de Compras de RED ELECTRICA de ESPAÑA (REE)

“Cerisol S.A. has been a credible supplier of porcelain insulators of ours since 2010 (medium and high voltage up to 400kV) and has always met our high corporate quality requirements again and again.”

ABB Bulgaria, Supply manager

“Cerisol has established itself as a reliable supplier of porcelain insulators (medium and high voltage up to 400kV) for us for over a decade. Cerisol continually meets our standards and are a pleasure to work with.”

Grid Solutions - Vernova, Site Sourcing Manager

“Cerisol has been supplying porcelain post insulators to our substation projects for several years, starting in 1997. They have consistently met our quality and service level standards with the products they have supplied over the years.”

FINGRID Oyj, Substation projects

“EFACEC has supplied disconnectors equipped with Cerisol post insulators (medium and high voltage up to 400 kV) in several projects for Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) for more than a decade. Cerisol has become one of our most dependable suppliers, consistently meeting or exceeding our standards for quality and service time and time again.”

EFACEC, Tendering Manager

“Cerisol has great expertise in the design and manufacturing of station post insulators, and they produce a high-quality product. CPG has been working with Cerisol since 2017 which has resulted in great commercial success. Cerisol’s excellent technical and quality support were instrumental in helping help us get our station post insulators approved at Hydro-Quebec from 25 to 800 kV.”

Alain Berthier, General Manager, CPG East

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