Quality Environment ISO9001

Cerisol has implemented a Quality Environment many years ago and is certified to comply with ISO9001, for Product Development and Production of Porcelain insulators of high, medium e low voltage, since 1996.

Cerisol Quality

Quality Policy Statement

Our Quality Policy is defined and strongly driven by the following management principles and behaviors:

  • To meet or exceed CUSTOMERS expectations with competitive products, at a fair price and within the agreed commercial and technical requirements.
  • With the collaboration of our SUPPLIERS, which are an integral part of the business.
  • Develop levels of motivation and commitment of EMPLOYEES, within a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Meeting the expectations of the SHAREHOLDERS regarding the profitability of the business, in a logic of sustainable development.
  • Meeting all requirements and seeking to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Cerisol Quality

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

 Cerisol is committed to the Health and Safety of all their  employees. The purpose of the Health and Safety policies and procedures is to guide and direct all employees to work safely and prevent injury, to themselves and others, mainly:

  • Full compliance with legal requirements
  • Occupational accidents and diseases prevention
  • Internal communication focus on the development and sustainability of a strong occupational health and safety culture
  • Involvement of all employees, suppliers and service providers, respecting the commitment to continuous improvement of the occupational safety and health of the company.

Cerisol will regularly monitor the policy results/goals to improve the company occupational health and safety, ensuring the review and/or change of procedures, whenever necessary to adapt them to the company’s reality.

Cerisol Quality

Environmental Policy

Cerisol is deeply concerned with the environmental impact associated with its activity, committing itself to continuously improve its environmental performance.

The Management and Shareholders are aware and highly committed with the effective implementation of this policy, so this commitment is shared to all the organization and its Employees.

Within the scope of our Environmental Management, Cerisol is committed to:

  1. Comply with the legislation and environmental standards in force, or that may be published, applicable to the activity and products developed by the organization.
  2. Implement measures that guarantee the prevention, reduction, and control of pollution, whenever this is technically and economically feasible, namely, through the selection of materials used, internal reuse of materials, control of the originated emissions and search for the most favorable destinations, at the environmental level, for the waste produced.
  3. Provide environmental training to employees of the organization, whose function causes, or may cause, an environmental impact considered significant.
  4. Raise awareness and encourage all Employees of the environmental implications associated with their role, so that they exercise the best environmental practices.
  5. Continuously identify opportunities for Environmental improvements in the organization, to ensure that it remains appropriate, efficient and evolves continuously, to provide an increasingly demanding environmental performance.

Cerisol Quality

Code of conduct

Cerisol Code of Conduct provides the legal and ethical framework for the conduct of all Board members, Directors, Managers, and employees of Cerisol and defines the basic rules of conduct within the organization and in relation to its business partners and the public.

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